We are undergoing a restructuring of our store site to concentrate more on the most popular Indigo supported modules. Consequently, many items are being cleared off the shelves at this time. If you haven't visited our expansive Final Clearance Category, you should definitely check it out. We have slashed the price of EVERY category item to 25-50% Off and in some cases even more. Quantities are limited and the prices will most likely not go any lower. Check it out! Don't see anything you like? Continue to come back because we're not through adding items to the list.


Welcome to the Indigo Store.

We are in our 12th year as your Mac based Indigo home automation store. Our name reflects that close relationship with the Indigo developers, and all our products are picked because they have been proven to interface smoothly with Indigo. We pre-test, in an Indigo setup, all interface controllers to give you an added level of assurance that you will be up and controlling your own home quickly and smoothly.

Indigo supports hundreds of INSTEON®, Z-Wave® and X10 devices. With Indigo's  extended plug-in architecture, even more devices of various other protocols are also supported. 

With Indigo Touch, the Indigo iPhone/iPad app, you will be able to save money and energy by controlling your lighting, irrigation, and heating/AC from anywhere in the world. If you're new and just getting into home automation, be sure and check out the Indigo Starter Kits as a good first step at significant kit discounts.

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal and ship every order from Dallas, Texas within one business day — often the same day. (SHIPPING ALLOWED TO ONLY UNITED STATES and CANADA ADDRESSES)

Thanks for coming by our store,
Norm Bendiksen


Indigo Starter Kits (INSTEON and Z-Wave Based)