Customer Testimonials

Wow, what great customer service. Appreciate your accommodating the last minute change to my order and still getting it on the way just as quickly. Don't find that with the other guys.

-- Ric T from Pinecliffe, CO

A couple of months ago I decided to take the plunge into home automation at, and I am very glad that I did. I am now on my way to automating all the lights (among other things) in our house. My buying experience with FunForGeeks has been great. Your friendly, available and very personal service have been far superior to many companies I have dealt with online. It's also great to know that I'm buying from a place that has extensive knowledge about what they sell, as well as a sincere commitment to customer satisfaction. The INSTEON products I have purchased from you have been working out great and are a lot of fun to set up, and Indigo is a fantastic program to work with. Consider me a long term, very satisfied customer and friend! Keep up the great work Norm!

-- Marc L. from San Diego, CA

I just put in a big plug for You guys have been really helpful and I'll be placing another order on Monday for a wall switch at the minimum.

-- Mike D. from Baltimore, MD

I appreciate the personal touch, the great prices and the quick shipping from! Very helpful notes have been included in each of my orders that have made setup and operation a breeze. This really gives a real advantage over the other vendors I have used over the years for my home automation needs. Even the RMA process is simple and quick. I highly recommend for everyone from the novice to the expert.

-- Kyle W. from Pflugerville, TX

Good luck with your business. If you keep up the incredible customer service, I'm sure it will thrive. I'm already brooding over my next order. Take care and thanks.

-- Bradley W. from Huntsville, AL

Just a quick note to thank you for your outstanding customer service. As you might recall, I placed a recent order for several Insteon products. I opted for the lowest cost FedEx delivery service. I traced the package using the tracking number you provided. I watched as the package arrived at a depot about 40 miles from my home where it sat for the next several days. I contacted FedEx only to be told the package would be delivered on time. I appreciated that you too checked for me and got a similar answer, that it would be delivered that day. Well as we know now, the package was not delivered to me that day. Instead, it was put on a truck and driven down to Florida!!! As soon as it was apparent the package would not arrive as FedEx promised, you sent me out a replacement package, with expedited shipping at no extra cost and didn't charge my credit card for the additional package!! That is truly customer service!!!

I also recall emailing you with a question about a problem I had with my installation. I sent this email on a Sunday with no expectations whatsoever of getting any response for several days-- as I am sure would have been the case had this been any other on-line dealer --- but it was FUNFORGEEKS--no ordinary online dealer by any stretch of the imagination. Within a few hours you had responded to my question and solved my issue and allowed me to continue with my installation on my day off.

Weeks later, I had one of my devices fail. Once again you came through and sent me a replacement again with no additional charges and even paid for the return shipping--Outstanding!!

I know there are other on line dealers but you have convinced me that FUNFORGEEKS is the only one to use. Thanks again for your help and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

-- Geoff B. from Waterford, CT

I just wanted to say that you guys are AWESOME. Ordering online the way it should be done. Great communication. Thanks for the pleasant experience. I will recommend you guys to anyone that needs the stuff you carry.

-- Jason N. from Mesa, AZ

I have to tell you that I'm much happier than I anticipated I would be with Indigo and all of the INSTEON products. Right now, I have my entire home running off of a Mac mini that I think I've restarted about 3 times since installing the system several months ago. Everything works just perfectly. I can control my home using the acgi script pages, sending emails to my .mac account, use my Bluetooth palm to control everything via Salling Clicker (that's the coolest), or use any of the schemes I have set up on the KeypadLincs. My friends think I've totally lost it, but as you know, it’s really quite cool.

At any rate, thanks for your excellent service. If I can ever provide a testimonial, or if you have customers that want a reference on how easy it is to set up a house - feel free to give them my name.

Thanks again for contacting me regarding the credit - it speaks volumes to the type of organization you're running.

-- Scott B. from San Francisco, CA

I just wanted to let everyone know how awesome the guys at are. I hadn't even sent them an e-mail requesting a refund yet, and they were already on top of it. They read my Indigo forum post, checked their records and confirmed that I was a dufus and issued me a refund. It's this kind of support and customer service that makes me a loyal customer. You guys rock!

-- Patrick A. from Lancaster, CA

Just taking the opportunity to say a big thanks for your prompt and efficient service, and the manner in which I was always kept updated on the progress of my recent order. As Arnie was heard to utter on numerous occasions, "I'll be back."

-- Pete M. from York, PA

Thanks so much for checking on the credit card question. I will put my order in. I love your site. It’s a pleasure doing business with you guys.

-- Steve P. from Calgary, Alberta

I've been fooling with the internet since its introduction. We have had a Macintosh since it was introduced. I've shopped online regularly for many years now. I say all this to say that I have never shopped or done business with anyone who can compare to your excellent service. I know that's a big statement, and I don't make it lightly, but it is true. Your website is among the nicest laid out of any, it's fast and not cluttered and it gets the job done thoroughly and quickly. My receipt of orders placed with you could nearly win a drag race they're so fast, and I'm in a remote area. Then you quickly send verification and information of just what's going on and when. You answer your e-mail and your prices are competitive. There are a number of good sites to be sure, but I've found none that measure up to you as well and I've looked far and wide. I do a lot of ordering on the internet. It's my principal shopping method by far and I visit hundred of sites, but I have honestly not found anyone who can compare to the job you folks are doing. I can get the items I order from you almost as quickly as I can go into town! Well, not that quick, but you Are fast! Thanks so much for a job well done and I appreciate you. You are truly several cuts above.

-- John W. from Oak Ridge, LA

I really appreciate how quickly you got back to me on this defective module issue. Yes, all the info below for my shipping address is still correct. As you correctly surmised, I don't have the original box so I will send back the bad modulewith the box that comes with the new one.

-- Don B. from Denver, CO

I received the new INSTEON LampLinc today - plugged it in and synced it. It works just fine. Thanks for the quick response. I'll certainly be ordering more stuff soon.

-- Steve W. from Mobile, AL

Got my package and hooked it up. It worked great, and it arrived a day earlier that expected - Thanks!

-- Lance C. from Daly City, CA

Thanks again "ya'll" (you guys are in TX aren't you?), for your conscientious commerce. You guys make me glad I gave you my business. Thanks again for being so on top of my delivery. I have a ton of history with Texas, and get a kick out of there being such a Mac friendly business in the DFW area. Keep it up.

-- Don L. from Minneapolis, MN

Norm: Thanks for such quick action on my order ... and for being fans of the Mac ... and for being such close neighbors in Texas.

-- Sean K. from Allen, TX

You guys rock, and I certainly will keep recommending you. I'll send the old module back in the packaging you use for the new one. As for INSTEON, I've been buying the modules but will probably wait until Indigo supports uploading to the controller. Many, many thanks!

-- Len M. from Everett, WA

Thanks for calling me back and answering all my X-10 questions. I am looking forward to receiving my order and becoming familiar with the Indigo. Sounds like the answer to my home automation needs.

-- Ed M. from Lorton, VA

No problem at all. Thank you for the very prompt service!

-- Bill Z. from Hainesville, IL

Norm - the package arrived yesterday as promised, and it contained exactly what I had ordered. Thanks for making this right so quickly.

-- James S. from West MI