NSTEON On/Off Module (Dual Band)

INSTEON On/Off Module (Dual Band)

model 2635-222 by Smarthome

protocols INSTEON

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The INSTEON On/Off Module will allow you to control (on and off remotely) a non-dimming fluorescent light or appliance. The On/Off Module is easy-to-install with its enhanced INSTEON Dual-Band technology for the best reliability and performance. The Dual-Band functionality acts as a Range Extender for other INSTEON devices. Its Integrated relay lets you remotely control up to 15A appliances or 1800W of lighting.

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 If you want to remotely control and schedule devices like non-dimming lamps (including most compact fluorescent and LED), desk fans, space heaters and even lava lamps, the INSTEON On/Off Module is the device of choice. The On/Off Module sits between the device you want to control and a wall outlet. It acts as a remote control switch for anything connected. And, of course, it can be easily integrated into your Indigo system.

Local Control

It's not always convenient to reach for your iPhone Indigo Touch or a Mini Remote Switch just to turn something on or off. That's why the On/Off Module includes dedicated on and off buttons. Just tap and you can control your device, even when your iPhone or other INSTEON remote is nowhere to be found.

Easy to Install

Nothing makes home control more approachable than plug-in modules and the INSTEON On/Off Module is no exception. Installation is as straightforward as connecting your light or small appliance to the outlet on the bottom of the On/Off Module and connecting the On/Off Module to a power outlet. No wires or tools needed.


For the best reliability and placement flexibility, the On/Off Module now features patented INSTEON Dual-Band technology. Out-of-the-way corners or hidden outlets in the attic, no matter where you place the On/Off Module, you can be assured that it will turn on and off remotely without issue. And since every Dual-Band INSTEON device also functions as a Range Extender, the INSTEON On/Off Module extends your network in more ways than one.


  • UPC: 813922013368
  • Warranty: 2 years, limited
  • Audio Alert: Beeper, can be disabled through software
  • Operation Modes :INSTEON-only
  • Load Sensing: No
  • Local Control: Yes
  • Setup Memory: Non-volatile EEPROM
  • Status LED: Red/Green LED
  • INSTEON Links: 417
  • NSTEON Messages Repeated: Yes
  • INSTEON Minimum Receive Level: 10 mV
  • INSTEON Minimum Transmit Level: 3.2 Vpp into 5 Ohms
  • INSTEON Powerline Device: Yes
  • INSTEON Powerline Frequency :131.65 KHz
  • INSTEON RF Device: Yes
  • Maximum Controlled Scenes: 1
  • Maximum Scene Memberships: 400
  • Multi-Link Support: Yes
  • Radio Frequency: 915 Mhz
  • Radio Frequency Range: 150 feet
  • Software Configurable: Yes
  • Dimensions: 3.24" H x 2.08" W x 2.02" D
  • Dimming Technology Employed: Relay - On/Off only
  • Mounting: Grounded electrical outlet, NEMA 5-15
  • Operating Environment: Indoors
  • Operating Humidity Range: 0-90% relative humidity
  • Operating Temperature Range: 32-104° F
  • Set Button: Yes
  • Weight: 5.2 oz
  • Load Types: General Appliances 15A Max
  • Resistive: 15A Max
  • Incandescent: 1,800W Max
  • Motors: 1HP Max
  • Maximum Load: 1,800 Watts (15 Amps)
  • Minimum Load: None
  • Pass-through Outlet: No
  • Supply Voltage: 120 Volts AC ± 10%, 50/60 Hz, single phase
  • Surge Resistance: Surges over 1,000 volts
  • X10 Support: No

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