GRI Sensor 2605

George Risk Industries 2605 4 Wire Water Sensor (5VDC)

model GRI2605 by GRI, Inc.

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Undetected water damage, such as that caused by leaking pipes or corroded water heaters, cost homeowners tens of thousands of dollars each year. Such repairs are time consuming and costly to correct. Applications could include computer room sub-floor areas, telephone equipment rooms, bath- rooms, laundry rooms, any areas adjacent to a water storage tank or piping. Also evaporative air conditioners, drip pans, overflows and/or drains. The GRI 2605 Water Sensor (5VDC) will detect any conductive non-flammable liquid. It is ideal anywhere water damage could occur.

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Basic Information

The GRI Water Sensors use an external power source to energize a built-in relay contact so battery power is not recommended. Used in a closed loop configuration, an alarm condition will occur when moisture is detected, or if power to the sensor is lost, and if the sensor should fail. The relay output can be wired directly to any alarm panel or can be used to actuate an external device, i.e. transmitter, annunciator, etc.

Installation Notes

When connecting the GRI Leak Sensor 2605 to the panel, the red wire is connected to the positive side of the auxiliary power supply and the black wire is connected to the negative. The green and white wires can then be connected to the pre-selected Closed Loop zone. A resistor can be connected in series with either the green or white wire for those panels that require end-of-line resistors. (See installation sheet for more detail)


  • Normally Closed For a Closed Loop Circuit 5 Volts DC
  • 6 Foot Jacketed Lead
  • UPC 0697625039692
  • Operating current : 10mA
  • Contact Resistance: 100mOhms
  • Switching Voltage: 30 Volts DC Max
  • Switching Current: 500 mA Max

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