EZSnsLQD - Surface Mount Liquid Sensor

EZSnsLQD - Surface Mount Liquid Sensor

model 1010A by Smartenit

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The EZSnsLQD Surface Mount Liquid Sensor, together with a member of the EZIOxx family of modules (or an alarm panel), can notify/alarm before liquid damage occurs, thus preventing costly repairs. Possible applications include computer and telephone room sub-floors, water storage tanks, air conditioners and refrigerators drip pans, laundry rooms, kitchens, boat houses, etc.

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The EZSnsLQD Surface Mount Liquid Sensor uses no mechanical parts and is triggered by a moisture bridge across its contacts. The unit can be installed to detect a layer of water as thin as 1/16” in depth. The sensor simulates a simple dry closure and can be readily interfaced to wireless or wired senders for alarming through a myriad of methods. The device is also self-resetting and will continue to protect for many years.


  • Operating Voltage (min./max.) 5-24VDC
  • Standby Current (at max. voltage) 10 uA
  • Alarm Current (max.) 400 mA
  • Red Wire +5-24VDC
  • Black Wire - Ground
  • Cable Length 6 ft.

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