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Indigo 7 is Mac Home Control Software that natively supports Z-Wave, INSTEON, and X10 protocols plus many, many other user written "plug-ins" that support specialized devices and other protocols.

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It's here! Indigo 7 is now available! And . . . it is now compatible with more than 70 additional Z-Wave devices, including most Z-Wave locks. Indigo supports several hundred different home automation devices using the Z-Wave, INSTEON, X10 protocols and over 150 plugins. 

Owner of a Prior Version of Indigo?

If you are a previous purchaser of Indigo version 4.x,  5.x, or 6.x then you are entitled to an upgrade discount, and customers that bought Indigo 6 Pro after 11/26/2016 are eligible for a complimentary upgrade. To determine what that discount is, visit the Indigo Domotics site.

With Indigo 7 you can:

  • Control lights, fans, thermostats, locks, sprinklers appliances, etc., from a variety of handheld remote controls
  • Create schedules to automatically turn on or off devices even if you are not at home
  • Incorporate motion detectors to turn on lights or other devices
  • Automatically send emails based on events, like power failure or motion detection
  • Automatically turn on landscape or holiday lighting at sunset and off at sunrise
  • Create different lighting scenes, for example “Party,” “Movie,” “Sleeping,” “Away,” for perfect multi-room lighting levels at the touch of a button
  • Incredible flexibility for thousands of other uses -- use your imagination!

iPhone Native App

Yes, it’s here to rave reviews! Indigo 7includes compatibility with the free iPhone App called Indigo Touch. If you have an iPhone or iPod touch, then check out this wonderful feature of the Indigo software. Read all about it on this Indigo Domotics page. You will be amazed at how seamlessly the App works with Indigo 7.

The Leader in Mac Based Home Automation

Since 2003 Indigo has set the standard on the macOS platform for providing sophisticated, complex home automation functionality in straight forward, friendly user interface screens and menus. Indigo 7 has raised the bar even higher. Using Indigo’s intuitive user interface you can quickly define complex control logic to automate your home.

Home Automation 101

Indigo communicates with Z-Wave, INSTEON and X10 devices (like thermostats, locks, appliance or lamp modules) via one of the Z-Wave Controller or PowerLinc Modem interfaces. These controller interfaces are USB devices that connect to your Mac and allow Indigo to both send and receive commands. Without a PowerLinc (or other interface like the CM11 or a Z-Wave Controller) there is obviously no way for Indigo to "hear" or send the commands on the power line or via RF. Therefore, you must have this hardware interface module along with your Indigo. See below for more detail on the various interfaces.

To communicate with BOTH X10 and INSTEON compatible devices, Indigo interfaces with the INSTEON PowerLinc Modem (2413U). And, to support your Z-Wave devices, Indigo 7 now supports the Z-Stick Gen 5 from Aeon Labs. Interface Controllers Supported

Here is the list of interface controllers that Indigo supports :

  • Z-Stick Gen 5 (Z-Wave devices)
  • PowerLinc Modems 2412U and INSTEON PowerLinc Modeum(2413U) (X10 and INSTEON devices)
  • INSTEON PowerLinc 2414U (X10 and INSTEON devices) (NOTE: This controller has been discontinued effective April 2012 by the manufacturer and will not support the latest firmware found on many new INSTEON modules)
  • INSTEON RF USB Adapter 2448A (INSTEON devices)
  • PowerLinc Controller 1132CU (X10 only device - discontinued)
  • ActiveHome Pro CM15A (X10 only device)
  • ActiveHome CM11 (X10 only device)
  • LynX-PLC (X10 only device)

We highly recommend the PowerLinc Modem 2413U and/or the Z-Stick Gen 5 as your controller (s) of choice.

Note that Indigo does NOT support the INSTEON Hub (2242) — it requires a USB connected PowerLinc (2413U).

In Summary . . .

Here's a comparison table that shows the relationships/functionality that Indigo has with the various RF and powerline interface controllers: Indigo/Interface Feature Comparison Matrix 

Client/Server Design

Indigo 7 is a client/server application to allow remote control and configuration from anywhere. The Indigo 7 server can run headless (no UI) in the background on your Mac while consuming minimal CPU resources. The client can be run on the same machine or on another Mac on your home LAN. Take that iBook with the Indigo client installed anywhere in your house and still control your house – wirelessly.

System Requirements

Indigo requires a Mac with an Intel processor, and Mac OS X 10.7 or higher.


MacHomeStore only handles Indigo sales for the United States and Canada. If you live anywhere else you can go to this International Purchase link to buy Indigo.

And Finally . . .

Be aware that Indigo is downloadable software. As soon as your credit card clears, then you will be emailed the download link along with your unique Indigo unlock key. Refunds can not be issued for Indigo once the email is sent. If you have any doubts on the applicability of Indigo to your home automation needs, you can always go to this link and obtain a free 30 day trial of the Indigo software for your evaluation purposes before you make your purchase decision.

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