INSTEON Thermostat Adapter

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INSTEON Thermostat Adapter

model 2441V by Smarthome

protocols INSTEON

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The INSTEON Thermostat Adapter is compatible with several models of the sleek, compact Venstar thermostat models, thus making home climate control possible via your Indigo Home Control System.

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We have this RF based INSTEON Thermostat Adapter on our shelves and ready to ship to you. It is compatible with several models of the sleek, compact Venstar thermostat models. We currently have and ready to also ship the Venstar 1-Day Digital Thermostat (T1700), the Venstar T1800 Thermostat, and the Venstar 7-Day Dual Fuel Digital Thermostat (T1900).

Indigo or Remote Control from Anywhere in Your Home

Turn the temperature up or down from anywhere in the house! The INSTEON Thermostat Adapter allows you to adjust your thermostat from any INSTEON-compatible controller. Faster than grabbing a blanket, you can use your coffee table INSTEON Mini Remote to bring the room to that perfect temperature. When turning off your lights for the night from your bedside using your INSTEON KeypadLinc, you can save some energy and money by turning the thermostat down a few degrees with a push of a button. And — since you probably also use Indigo as your primary home automation control software, you know your possibilities of control and scheduling abound even more.

Compatible Thermostat Required

Currently, the INSTEON Thermostat Adapter is compatible only with the following Totaline / Venstar thermostats.

The Venstar thermostats require power to function. If you do not have a "common" wire running to your thermostat from your heating/cooling equipment, you may need to run a new wire. The Add-A-Wire accessory can usually solve the power needed problem. Check with your HVAC expert if you have questions about its applicability to your situation.

Easy Installation

Once you've installed your Venstar thermostat, the INSTEON Thermostat Adapter snaps right into the jack on the bottom of your thermostat. No batteries! The INSTEON Adapter is powered by the thermostat. Now all you need to do is set the thermostat to the mode/temperature you want and link it to other INSTEON modules of your choice, using INSTEON's simple Plug-n-Tap setup. Of course, you will definitely want to Define and Synch it to Indigo for maximum control. From plugging in your INSTEON Thermostat Adapter to changing the temperature from an INSTEON controller or Indigo, setup takes as little as a couple of minutes.

Non-Volatile Memory

All Thermostat Adapter settings are stored in non-volatile memory and are not lost during power failures. More Info? Check out this Wiki link which discusses how to integrate thermostats into your Indigo Home Automation system.


The INSTEON Thermostat Adapter is an RF-only INSTEON product, which is not X10 compatible. At least one AccessPoint or INSTEON "dual-band" device is required to communicate with your plug-in or wired-in INSTEON-compatible devices or to get it to communicate with a home automation control program like Indigo.


  • Dimensions – 1.75" H x 2.89" W x .58" D
  • Weight – .80 oz
  • Operating Conditions – Indoors, 32 to 122°F, up to 85% relative humidity
  • Input Power – 5VDC 30mA max (Powered from Thermostat)
  • Connector to Thermostat – RJ11 4 wire located on top of unit
  • INSTEON Address – 1 hard-coded out of 16,777,216 possible
  • INSTEON Links – 417 out of 16,777,216 possible
  • Range – 150 feet (line of sight)
  • Frequency – 900 Mhz ISM Band
  • Status LED - 1 Green LED (normally on)
  • Setup Memory - Non-volatile EEPROM
  • Heat/Cool set points - Recall programmed setpoint and mode from any INSTEON controller
  • Temperature Status Request - Supported (requires compatible software)
  • Humidity Status Request - Supported (requires compatible software)
  • Mode Status Request - Supported (requires compatible software)
  • Fan Status Request - Supported (requires compatible software)
  • Mode Control - Heat, Cool, Auto, OFF (requires compatible software)
  • Fan Control - On, Auto (requires compatible software)


As with all SmartLabs Design INSTEON branded modules, the warranty is 2 years

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