EZSnsRF - Wireless Sensor Receiver

INSTEON EZSnsRF Wireless Sensor Receiver

model 5010E by Smartenit

protocols INSTEON

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The EZSnsRF – Wireless Sensor Receiver takes RF signals transmitted from any Dakota Alert 3000 transmitting device-- from driveway alerts to proximity sensors to liquid sensors -- to trigger and thus integrate those events in your Indigo/INSTEON home automation network.

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The high sensitivity receiver boasts outstanding range, up to a maximum of 600 feet (line of sight) to cover any sized house. Moreover, the EZSnsRF can learn the codes of up to 20 distinct wireless devices, allowing you to send INSTEON group commands to a host of lights and appliances in your home from the EZSnsRF itself, or, of course, into Indigo for building your own trigger actions.

For time delayed events, you can set up timers within the device itself from 0.5 to 15.5 minutes. For example, you can set the front walkway motion sensor to turn on the porch lights to welcome you home and then turn off after a few minutes. Like all standard INSTEON based products, the EZSnsRF also acts as a repeater of power line INSTEON signals making your INSTEON network even more robust. It also conveniently contains a pass-through outlet on its face for other AC devices, so you won't lose an outlet when you plug the EZSnsRf in.


  • Dimensions: 4.0" H x 2.5" W x 1.5" D
  • Weight: 5 oz
  • Channels: 20 total, each one defaulting to a unique Insteon group number 1-20
  • Insteon Device Links: Up to 256. Each group can have multiple devices
  • INSTEON Addresses: 1 hard-coded out of 16,777,216 possible
  • INSTEON Links: 30
  • INSTEON Messages Repeated: Yes
  • Operating Conditions: Indoors, 32 to 122°F, up to 85% relative humidity
  • Supply Voltage: 120 volts AC +/- 10%, 60 Hertz, single phase
  • Surge Protection: MOV rated for 150 Volts
  • Power Plug: 3-pin grounded
  • Pass-through Outlet: 3-pin grounded
  • Controlled Outlet: 3-pin grounded
  • Maximum Load: 480 Watts
  • Maximum Amps: 15 Amps (for resistive loads)
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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