EZX10RF X10 All-House Transceiver and INSTEON Bridge

INSTEON EZX10RF X10 All-House Transceiver Bridge

model 5010G by Smartenit

protocols INSTEON, X10

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This is a transceiver that can receive X10 RF codes and convert them to INSTEON power line commands. Now you can use readily available and inexpensive X10 transmitters, such as remote controls, motion sensors, driveway alerts, panic buttons, moisture alarms, etc. to trigger an INSTEON command.

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The EZX10RF not only puts all RF X10 addresses into the powerline, but also converts the RF X10 to INSTEON commands. Unique codes utilized by multiple devices are "learned" by the EZX10RF such that their activation can trigger INSTEON commands to single device or groups that result in INSTEON scenes. Using Indigo, the EZX10RF programming is facilitated via the Indigo user interface.

Blends the RF X10 and INSTEON Worlds

If you have existing X10 RF devices in your home, now you can integrate them into a reliable INSTEON network. The EZX10RF can receive X10 RF signals from up to 200 feet away and will rebroadcast the signals on your power lines. It decodes all 256 X10 house/unit signals, any of which can be filtered out if you desire. Up to 20 wireless X10 RF codes can be transmitted as X10 powerline commands or the internal translator can convert the signal to INSTEON commands. Now you can use an X10 handheld remote to trigger the EZX10RF to turn on your porch light via INSTEON as you approach the front door. Or you can use an outdoor X10 motion sensor on the garage door to trigger an INSTEON light that turns on in the inside the house as the garage door raises.

INSTEON Compatible

The EZX10RF is fully INSTEON compatible. INSTEON is a powerful home-control networking technology. INSTEON messages are transmitted throughout your home both wirelessly and through the home's existing wiring. All INSTEON messages are confirmed and repeated by INSTEON devices in the network, contributing to the outstanding reliability and performance of INSTEON products. Like most INSTEON-compatible devices, the EZX10RF acts as a repeater of INSTEON commands, strengthening your network simply by being a part of it.

X-10 Compatible

The INSTEON / X10 RF Wireless Sensor Receiver also works with legacy X10 products. If you have an existing X10 network, the EZX10RF works with your X10 products and provides an upgrade path to an INSTEON network.

Pass-Through Outlet

The EZX10RF even contains a pass-through outlet on the front face. The EZX10RF carries a manufacturer’s 1-year limited warranty.

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