Freeze Sensor Kit

INSTEON Freeze Sensor Kit (I/O Linc)

model 24950A8 by Smarthome

protocols INSTEON

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This sensor mounts on the interior or exterior of your home to monitor temperature. When temperatures dip below 39° F, the sensor contacts open sending a signal to the I/O Linc. Once signaled, the I/O Linc and/or Indigo can trigger INSTEON-controlled lights or appliances to turn on. Early notification can help prevent the use of irrigation and other systems that can create ice buildup.

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Don't take a chance at having your automatic irrigation system go on as usual while freezing weather sets in overnight; only to wake up and see a landscape frozen over, with ice on adjoining driveways and sidewalks. The I/O Linc - INSTEON Freeze Sensor Kit can help prevent these situations before they happen.

Basic Information

An INSTEON signal from the I/O Linc is sent when the temperature drops below 39° F to notify you of the concern. Ice buildup is hazardous to the life of your lawn and plants and can also be hazardous to those who may accidentally walk or drive on it. Additionally, you can take corrective action to avoid the threat of frozen pipes. As part of your INSTEON home automation network, this kit will act as an early alert system, triggering lights or appliances to turn on in the event that indoor or outdoor temperatures start to fall towards freezing.

How it Works

Simply mount the temperature sensor in an indoor or outdoor location, out of direct sunlight, and where free air circulation is possible. The sensor will identify when the temperature drops below 39° F. Once triggered, the contact switch inside the sensor will send a signal to I/O Linc via the included connector wire. The I/O Linc can then be linked to any INSTEON controlled device or be intercepted by Indigo, alerting you that there is a problem or automatically activating corrective measures (i.e. shutting off irrigation systems, turning on heaters, etc).

Of course, if you have the I/O Linc defined within your Indigo System, then your options expand even further. For example, you can send yourself an email that the freeze temperature sensor has gone off; check the status of the I/O Linc on your iPhone; and on and on.

What's Included in the Kit

  • I/O Linc - INSTEON Low Voltage / Contact Closure Interface (1 In / 1 Out)
  • Preset Low Temperature Sensor
  • 20 Foot 2 Conductor, 22-Gauge/AWG Interconnect Wire, White
  • 1.5mm flathead screwdriver
  • Quick Start Guide

I/O Linc Specifications 

See I/O Linc Description

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