KeypadLinc LED Kit (INSTEON)

INSTEON KeypadLinc LED Kit

model 2400L by Smarthome

protocols INSTEON

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One of the nice features of the INSTEON KeypadLinc Dimmer is its backlit illumination by LED lights. This elegant brightness consists of white LEDs that indicate the current status of the lights or other devices being controlled. However, if white is not your choice, then consider the KeypadLinc Colored LED Diffuser Kit.

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You can change the appearance of up to four KeypadLinc Dimmers in your home with the KeypadLinc LED Kit, a set of diffuser lenses that easily install in INSTEON KeypadLinc Dimmers to change the LEDs to red, green, amber, or blue. Select your favorite color to personalize your KeypadLincs. Each kit includes diffusers to change the colors of up to four KeypadLincs - one in each color.

Please note that these lenses are compatible only with INSTEON KeypadLinc products. Regardless of the color you select, the LEDs can be exceptionally helpful when it is difficult to see the light being controlled (e.g. outside, in another room or behind closed doors).

Easy to Install

  • Remove the KeypadLinc frame held on by four Phillips screws if you have not already done so.
  • Remove the plastic button caps by gently prying under one corner of the cap.
  • Remove the existing diffuser.
  • Install the new colored diffuser lens into the button plate until the front surface is flush.
  • Snap the button cap back onto the button plate.
  • Re-install the KeyPadLinc frame.


Each KeypadLinc LED Kit includes 1 set of red, blue, green, and amber LED diffuser lenses.

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