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WeatherSnoop 3

model WeatherSnoop3 by Tee-Boy

WeatherSnoop 3 is the premiere weather station data management software for the Mac and adheres to the Mac’s core philosophy of providing a rich, elegant, and easy-to-navigate user interface.

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WeatherSnoop 3 contains an abundant and robust set of features to help you get the most out of your weather data. And — now via the plugin developed for Indigo, you can easily pass your weather data into your home automation system.

The Basics

WeatherSnoop 3 has two main roles: a data consumer and a data provider. As a data consumer, WeatherSnoop 3 collects data from a weather source. A weather source can be a weather station connected to your Mac via a USB or RS-232 cable, or even another weather station accessible on your local area network or over the Internet. As a data provider, WeatherSnoop 3 also shares your weather data, relaying it to popular online data services such as Weather Underground, WeatherBug and the Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP). It can also serve data to other interested applications via HTTP or FTP, or communicate via AppleScript.

Weather Stations

WeatherSnoop 3 supports a number of connectivity options to weather stations, including USB, RS-232 and ethernet. There's even support for serial to ethernet adapters for serial-based stations. Here are the supported weather stations:

  • Ambient Weather WS-1080/WS-1090/WS-2080
  • Davis Vantage Pro 2 (USB/Serial/IP Data Logger)
  • Davis Vantage Vue (USB/Serial/IP Data Logger)
  • Peet Bros. ULTIMETER 100/800/2000/2100
  • RainWise CC-3000 Interface
  • Tycon TP1080WC
  • Columbia Weather Systems MicroServer
  • WeatherHawk 600/Signature Series
  • WeatherWise Solar Pro

Network Friendly

Don't have a weather station? WeatherSnoop 3 can also utilize network-based data sources on your local area network or over the Internet, including Weather Underground.

Beautiful Displays, Customized Instruments, and Custom Backgrounds

Watch your weather come to life with beautifully rendered instruments and gauges that show temperature, wind, rain, and more changing in real-time.

Analyzing your data is easy with rich, full color graphs that can plot multiple weather properties. Simply drag and drop weather properties onto existing graphs, or right-click on a gauge or property to display values in a new graph window.

WeatherSnoop 3's Instruments windows are customized specifically for each weather station. Now you can see the exact weather information that pertains to your specific station.

Each visual window can have its own custom background for a personalized look and feel. You can select your own hi-res background photo or choose from a number of high quality images built right into WeatherSnoop 3.

Advanced Capabilities and Functions

WeatherSnoop 3 tracks temperatures, wind information and other weather data through properties. For each property, you can change its unit, set the calibration value, and create a graph or view its historical data.

WeatherSnoop 3 uses the popular SQLite database to store your archived data in a small, compact format. As real-time data is obtained from the weather station, it is saved directly to the database, where it can be graphed, analyzed or exported.

Most supported stations continue to log weather data even while your Mac is turned off or asleep, WeatherSnoop 3 can retrieve this data in the event that your Mac is off, so you won't miss any of your console's weather information.

WeatherSnoop 3's Custodian allows you to view and edit historical data for each weather property that you choose. Just select a date range, drag and drop your properties into the window, then browse the values in the table. It's that easy!

Full data exporting capability is available from within the Custodian. It's easy to export your weather data into comma-separated values (CSV) files that can be readily consumed by popular spreadsheet applications like Numbers or Excel.

With WeatherSnoop 3's built-in web server, you can view your weather from your web browser. XML and JSON are also supported formats, and can also be sent to a server of your choice via FTP.

iPhone/ iPod Touch Access

Carry your weather with you anywhere you go with WeatherSnoop 3 for iOS. This handy mobile app obtained from the iTune App Store ($1.99) shows up-to-the-minute weather data directly from your Mac Weather Stations running WeatherSnoop 3, or from Weather Underground (using station ID or airport code).

WeatherSnoop 3 Lite or Pro?

Everyone's needs and budget are different. That's why there are two flavors of WeatherSnoop 3: Lite and Pro.

WeatherSnoop 3 Lite at $19.99 is for users who want to download their data from their favorite station and upload to popular weather services, but aren't interested in analyzing their weather directly on their Macs. For the more serious weather enthusiast, WeatherSnoop 3 Pro offers additional tools such as gauges, graphs, the Data Custodian and more. See the comparison graphic to the right.

Either way you go, both applications will give you access to your weather data. And if you purchase WeatherSnoop 3 Lite and decide later to go Pro, you can always purchase the Lite-to-Pro upgrade for just the difference in the price!

Software Sales Are Final

If you're not quite sure whether WeatherSnoop 3 is the software for you, then we would encourage you to first "test drive" the software by downloading the Trial Version at this link. Once we email you your WeatherSnoop 3 unlock key after a purchase decision, then we cannot take it back and refund your money. I'm sure you understand our position.

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