RFXrec433 USB RF Receiver

model RFXrec433 by RFXCOM

protocols 433MHz

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The RFXrec433 USB Receiver is designed to receive signals from wireless 433.92 MHz devices including many of the Oregon Scientific wireless weather and temperature sensors. It is supported within Indigo 6 via the 3rd Party RFXCOM Plugin which is downloadable from the Indigo site.

NOTE: The RFXrec433 is a "receiver" only device. It is NOT a transceiver like the RFXtrx433 which can receive and TRANSMIT 433.92MHz signals. The RFXtrx433 does not have FCC approval and cannot be sold in the United States.

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Before we ship a RFXrec433, we pretest it in an Indigo environment using the RFXCOM 3rd Party Plugin. We also include in the shipment a special Quick Start sheet for guiding you in installing the RFXrec433 in your Indigo system. And — we upgrade the firmware to the latest version available from the RFXCOM manufacturer before we ship your unit to you.


The RFXrec433 is amazingly compact! It measures only 1.7 x 3.2 x .5 inches.


For up-to-date information and the growing list of wireless devices RFXrec433 supports relative to Indigo, go to 3rd Party RFXCOM Plugin in the Indigo Forum.

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