Accessibility and Assistive Automation  (Script)

Contributed by: Anonymous


These two attachment scripts define a suite of AppleScript functions that are callable from Indigo Actions (or other Applications) to sequentially target and control Devices and Actions Groups. This allows users to easily, and with only a couple of actions, select any Device or Action Group as a target. The targeted Device can then be controlled (on/off/dim/brighten), and the targeted Action Group can be executed.


Installed by Indigo into:
_/Library/Application Support/Perceptive Automation/Indigo 2/Scripts/Attachments/
device target attachment.scpt_ and _group target attachment.scpt_


TargetFirstDevice(), TargetNextDevice(), TargetPreviousDevice(), TurnOnTargetedDevice(), TurnOffTargetedDevice(), ToggleTargetedDevice(), BrightenTargetedDevice(), DimTargetedDevice()
-- and --
TargetFirstGroup(), TargetNextGroup(), TargetPreviousGroup(), ExecuteTargetedGroup()