Weather Display Mac - Indigo Webserver (IWS) Plug-in  (IndigoWebServer Plug-In)

Contributed by: Jim Marsh


This plug-in allows Weather Display fMac data integration with Indigo Web Server (IWS).

Weather Display is the most popular weather station software on the Windows PC and now has been ported to the Mac. It supports a myriad of personal weather station hardware from almost all manufacturers  (Davis, Lacross, Irox, Oregon Scientific, Ultimeter, Weather Hawk, Rainwise, Texas Instruments, Dallas 1-wire, and others) as well as Internet based weather sources.

And it now supports data transfer straight in to Indigo variables. Read more about WD Mac here:

The WDMac Plugin goes to work as soon as you install it, waiting for the data you have specified to arrive from Weather Display. If the variable has not been created the plugin will do that for you also, and name the variable based on the field definition you configured in Weather Display. Very cool.


To install this plugin drag the "wd" folder to the following location:

/Library/Application Support/Perceptive Automation/Indigo 4/IndigoWebServer/plugins/


See the ReadMe file in the archive for detailed instructions.