Python Indigo Restful API Wrapper  (Miscellaneous)

Contributed by: Benjamin Schollnick


What is the Indigo Restful Interface?

The Indigo Web server, as of Version 4, includes a restful (Representational State Transfer) web interface. REST interfaces are an attempt to make a easy way to simplify access to server based data. Either sending data to the server, or changing the information on the server. Restful interfaces are quite useful, but since they are dealing directly with the server, they are often very low-level.

I have started to create a higher level python wrapper for it...

This higher level wrapper, simplifies the details by abstracting the process.

The code, is available from Google Code for the project.

What Does the API Support?

Currently the wrapper supports:

  • Added get_device_list, and get_device_by_name
  • Added set_thermostat_heating_mode, and set_thermostat_fan_mode
  • Fetch_devices_from_indigo
  • change_device_state_by_name
  • toggle_device_state_by_name
  • change_brightness_state_by_name
  • set_variable_by_name
  • get_variable_list
  • get_actiongroup_list
  • get_actiongroup_by_name
  • activate_actiongroup_by_name
  • get_variable_by_name
  • return_device_from_insteonaddr
  • return_device_from_x10_addr