Sunrise Simulation script  (Script)

Contributed by: Dave Strickler


Simple attachment script that raises the brightness of a light over time to simulate sunrise. Useful for those of use that hate getting up in the dark to go to work.


Unzip and put the script in your attachments directory of Indigo. Then go into the Indigo client and pull down the menu Scripts and choose Reload Attachments.


Adds a function called SunriseSimulation() into Indigo.


SunriseSimulation("MBR Lights", 80, 30)

The above raises the device "MBR Lights" to 80% over the course of 30 minutes (my recommendation)

The script can also be easly altered to be a Sunset simulator as well, dimming

the lights slowly over time.

Note: There is no erro checking in this script, so don't try and feed it

zero maximumLightPercentage - pass it variable with common sense.

WARNING: As this attachment uses a "delay" statement is should

only be run as an attachment, and not embeded in non-server code

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