Indigo Security Script  (Script)

Contributed by: Benjamin Schollnick


The Indigo Security Script extends Indigo's native features, and adds two important features:

  • The Ability to Monitor X10 Security Devices
    • X10 Pro Security System Remote (SH624 PSR01)
    • Key Fob - KR10A
    • EagleEye Motion Sensor (Outdoor) - MS14A
    • DS10A Door/Window Sensor
    • X10 Motion Sensor - MS10A
    • X10 Power Horn - PSH02
    • Big Red Emergency Button - KR15A
    • The Ability to Monitor Insteon Security Devices
  • Insteon Motion / Occupancy Sensor - 2420M
    • TriggerLinc - 2421
    • Insteon Motion Controlled FloodLight - 2494msbn

The script, after it has been configured, will monitor your security devices. The alerts from the security devices will trigger actions depending on your settings in Indigo.


See Indigo Security Script for Downloads, Installation and usage instructions.