Jandy Aqualink Pool / Spa Control (Serial X)  (Script)

Contributed by: James Yergey


This set of scripts provide Indigo support for controlling a Jandy Aqualink RS through SerialX and a Jandy Aqualink RS Serial Adaptor. _[The script has been revised to use SerialX rather than Serial Bridge, as Serial Bridge will not operate in Mac OSX Lion.]_


The scripts communicate with the Jandy system through a USB Serial Adaptor (e.g. the Keyspan USA-19HS USB Serial Adapter) connected to the Jandy Aqualink RS Serial Adaptor.

In order to use these scripts with SerialX, you will need to separately download and install SerialX as a Scripting Addition. As currently written, you will also need to determine the exact name of your serial connection and edit the following statement in both scripts:

property SerialConnectionName : "/dev/cu.USA19H47P1.1" -- Replace "dev/cu.USA19H47P1.1" with the name of your USB Serial Adaptor.

After editing, drag the Jandy Aqualink attachment script into the folder: _/Library/Application Support/Perceptive Automation/Indigo 4/Scripts/Attachments_

and the Jandy Aqualink background sync script into the folder: _/Library/Application Support/Perceptive Automation/Indigo 4/Scripts/Background Tasks_

Initiating use of the background script is typically accomplished by establishing a Trigger Action that activates on Indigo Server restart.


Assumes a Jandy Aqualink RS-4 or RS-8 Pool/Spa combination with auxiliary 1 set for pool light and auxiliary 2 set for spa light.

Unlike the previous version, the background script will now automatically execute periodically after being initiated (typically with a Trigger Action that activates on Indigo startup), will create variables as needed, and will update the status of those variables. By default the updates occur every 30 sec for most items using a single "#LEDS?" command, and every 30 min for the temperatures, with error detection if something does not update correctly. If the Spa is heating, temperature updates default to every 2 min. Variables created include AirTemp, ErrorFree, NextTempUpdate, PoolHeatEna, PoolHeatOn, PoolLightOn, PoolPumpOn, PoolSetPoint, PoolStateOn, PoolTemp, SpaHeatEna, SpaHeatOn, SpaLightOn, SpaSetPoint, SpaStateOn, SpaTemp.

The following is a list of the commands that can be called in the Jandy Aqualink attachment script from Indigo: JandyGetCompleteStatus(), JandyTurnOnSpaHeat(), JandyTurnOffSpaHeat(), JandyTurnOnPoolHeat(), JandyTurnOffPoolHeat(), JandyTurnOnLights(), JandyTurnOffLights(), JandyNewSpaSetPoint(NewSpaSetPoint), JandyNewPoolSetPoint(NewPoolSetPoint), JandyTurnOnSpa(), JandyTurnOffSpa(), JandyTurnOnSpaAndHeat(), JandyTurnOnSpaAndHeatAndLights(), JandyPerry GershonTurnOffSpaAndHeatAndLights()

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