Aprilaire Thermostat Controller  (Indigo Plugin)

Contributed by: ian.sibley


This Indigo 5 and Indigo 6 (beta 7) Plugin supports one or more Aprilaire Communicating Thermostats over a StatNet Network. This has been tested with an Aprilaire Model 8870 thermostats, and Aprilaire Model 8800 thermostats. Both can exist on the same StatNet network at the same time. This Plugin is now fully integrated into the Indigo Thermostat device model.

Up to 32 Thermostats can be controlled over the one StatNet communication network but the practical limit would be 4 to 8 thermostats on a single network. Each thermostat supports unto 4 remote sensor modules, with two remote temperature or humidity sensors per module connected on each thermostats' local RS485 bus. The Aprilaire thermostat can be hardware configured as a Thermostat or Humiditstat Controller. These remote sensor modules and controller types are supported by the plugin.

A typical configuration would include:
-- Thermostat Model 8870 or 8000
-- Protocol Adaptor 8811
-- Distribution Panel 8818 / 8819
-- Remote Sensor Modules 8062 / 8082 or 8061 / 08081
-- Remote Sensors 8051 or 8052

Note: Please check the Aprilaire documentation when mixing the older and newer generation components. There are some considerations required.

Communication has been tested with a "local connection" USB - Serial to the 8811 Protocol Adaptor as well as "Net Socket connection" through Global Cache GC-100-12 Serial to the 8811 Protocol Adaptor.


To install the plugin, double-clip the .zip file to expand it then double- click the "Aprilaire Thermostat Controller.IndigoPlugin" file while the Indigo client is running.


Once installed and enabled, the following menus will be available from the plugin's menu:

- Disabled
- Reload
- Config
- About Aprilaire Thermostat Controller v0.1.5.
- Verify Thermostat Devices Online

Additionally, a new Aprilaire Thermostat device will be available:


Note a unique thermostat device is required for each Aprilaire thermostat on your StatNet network.

The Aprilaire Thermostat device has the following UI options:

Name: - name of the Aprilaire Thermostat (optional)
Display Name: - display name of Aprilaire Thermostat (optional)
Model: - thermostat model [8870 or 8800]
Address: - address set in the associated thermos