Ocelot to Indigo  (Script)

Contributed by: Martijn


This set of scripts from Martijn Heeroma provide basic Ocelot support from Indigo. Once installed you can use the Ocelot for sending IR and X10 commands and you can read Ocelot's sensor inputs.


After downloading, drag the _Ocelot to Indigo_ folder into:
   _/Library/Application Support/Perceptive Automation/Serial Bridge/_
Next, double-click the Serial Bridge connection _settings.sbDb_ file inside that folder. Lastly, to install the Action Groups inside Indigo for sending commands to the Ocelot, run the AppleScript _Install into Indigo.scpt_.


Once installed, you will have several Ocelot Action Groups defined inside your Indigo database file. You can execute these to send commands to the Ocelot. Additionally, several Indigo Variables will be defined that contain the arguments for commands to be sent to the Ocelot as well as return data from the Ocelot.