Switchboard  (Indigo Plugin)

Contributed by: Benjamin Schollnick


Switchboard is the successor / replacement to the Indigo Security Script.  It allows Indigo to monitor any device for status changes and can trigger actions based on the status of the device.  It also adds X10 Security monitoring, and allows for Monitored Device groups.  This allows you to create a group of devices that can trigger an action, without having to write triggers for each and every device that makes up the group.  Instead the Monitored device group will self manage the triggers.

See more details here:

http://www.schollnick.net/wordpress/home- automation/indigo-v5-plugins/switchboard/

While this can be used for "Security Purposes", this can be easily be used to simplify and customize any Indigo configuration easily.  This is not limited to security purposes.


Use the "more info" link above to get the latest download.