Weather Underground Query Script v2.5.4  (Script)

Contributed by: Richard Perlman


The Wunderground Script will poll a Wunderground Airport Station and/or PWS (Personal Weather Station) and retreive the latest weather information for the specified station code. Data from the PWS and Airport stations can be merged. If more than one PWS is specified, and good data is not available for the first PWS, the script will try the additional PWSs  in order until good data is found. The weather information will be saved into Indigo Variables. Support is provided for weather icons to indicate the current conditions. A basic set of Wunderground icons is included.

Changes in V2.5.4

This update corrects a formatting bug in the Wunderground daily metric precipitation data.


1) Place this script in Indigo's Background Tasks folder, or any other folder of your choice.

2) Configure the script (instructions are in the script)

3) Create an Indigo Time/Date Trigger and select an Action Type of "Execute AppleScript" that executes this script file. This script file will then be called at the times/frequency you defined for the trigger.


In Indigo use the Variable Window to enter the codes for the station(s) you have selected

For PWSs create an Indigo variable _Wunderground_PWS_List and set the value to one or more PWS codes separated by spaces.

For example,  KCAREDDI3, KCAREDDI2

For an Airport station, create an Indigo variable _Wunderground_APT and use the airport station code as the value.

See comments in the code, as well as the description bundled in the code for more information.