Caddx NetworX Security Panel  (Indigo Plugin)

Contributed by: ian.sibley


Indigo 6 Plugin for Caddx NetworX Series Security System (version 1.3.0)


It is a comprehensive protocol implementation of Caddx NX-584 RS-232 Gateway Interface Protocol (April 2000) spec.

This should work with the Caddx NX-584 RS-232 Gateway Interface for the Caddx NX-4, NX-6 and NX-8 but I do not have the hardware to test this. It has only been tested with NX-8e.

The following is a list of supported message transactions:

- Interface Configuration Request/Message (read interface configuration parameters in alarm panel)

- Zone Name Request/Message (read alarm panel configured "Zone Name" if supported by KeyPad (NX-148e only))

- Zone Status Request/Message (read completed status of the request "zone x")

- Zone Sna



Move the "Caddx Alarm System.IndigoPlugin" file to the ../Indigo 5/ Plugin (Disabled) folder or double click icon and restart Indigo.

From Indigo Menu Bar/ Plugins / Caddx Alarm, enable plugin.

Once enabled, you will a number of selectable options:

- Disabled

- Reload

- Config

- About Caddx Security System v1.3.0

_These menu functions are used to create the indigo alarm devices and synchronise the device states:_

- Create Caddx Alarm System Devices Create all the indigo devices for a alarm system with parameters from the " Config tab" "Partitions, Users. Zones", checks for existing



For the Caddx NX-8e, the following settings need to be configured in the Alarm Panel for healthy communication.

Location 207 Serial Port Enable set to "1" (Home Automation Protocol enabled)

Location 208 Serial Port Baud Rate default = "2" (9600 bps) [ 3 = 19200 bps] [ 4 = 38400 bps]

Location 209 Home Automation Protocol default = OFF (Binary)

Location 210 Transition Based Broadcasts

segment 1-2 enable (Interface Configuration)

segment 1-5 e