Sony Bravia Network Remote  (Indigo Plugin)

Contributed by: Adam Ashe


This Indigo 6.0+ plugin allows Indigo to act as a remote control for select network-connected Sony devices. All commands/buttons found on the standard, included remote can be sent to the device as well as a multitude of additional commands generally available only through network or advanced universal remotes. The protocol exposed by Sony devices, and utilized by this plugin, does not allow for state information about the device to be obtained (such as what current application/channel is active or what input the television is currently showing). If the protocol is changed or a device comes out that does provide feedback then it may be possible to enhance the plugin at that time.


  1. Download the plugin, saving it to your hard drive (see the More Info link for download instructions)
  2. Unzip the download if your browser does not automatically do this for you
  3. Double click the .indigoPlugin file to install and/or upgrade the plugin
  4. Create and configure a Sony Bravia Network Remote Indigo device


Please see the More Information link for the list of available actions and sample control page implementations.