APC PDU Control  (Indigo Plugin)

Contributed by: Nick Thomas


APC has several models of Ethernet enabled Power Distribution Units (PDU). These devices have power outlets that can be remotely switched On or Off from a web interface or SNMP commands.

This Indigo plugin controls the On/Off function of outlets on APC's MasterSwitch PDUs

This plugin should work with any APC MasterSwitch device. It does not currently work with MasterSwitch VM or MasterSwitch Plus Units.


1) The plugin can be downloaded here

  • Unzip the plugin bundle on your system running Indigo

2) Double-click on the 'APC PDU Control.indigoPlugin' file.

  • Indigo should ask you if you want to install it

3) The plugin's configuration screen will pop up.

4) Click "Save"

Please review the README for additional configuration instructions.


1) From within the Indigo Devices list, click "New" and create a device representing the individual PDU outlets.

2) If necessary, Click the "Edit Device Settings" button to configure a device/outlet.

3) Populate the IP Address of your APC PDU, the SNMP Write+ Community Name configured on the PDU and the device outlet you are configuring.

  • IP address: IP address of the PDU. "" is the default value

  • Community Name: Write+ SNMP Community configured on the physical PDU. "private" is the default value

  • PDU outlet: the outlet you wish to control (1 - 8)

4) After entering your details, Click "Save".

5) Repeat steps 1 thru 4 for as many devices as you need.