Mac Commander  (Indigo Plugin)

Contributed by: Craig Shortreed


This plugin allows you to perform actions on any Mac in your network, whether it is the Indigo server or not. What you can do is only limited to what Applescript can do on the given machine.

At its core this plugin is a Python program that executes Applescript commands on your desired machine. While this is easily accomplished using Indigo's scripting, I wanted to be able to take it a step further by having an On/Off state associated with the command.

For example (and why I built this in the first place): I have Plex running on one of my Macs in the house (not the Indigo server) and wanted to be able to turn the Plex Server on and off at will. I accomplished this easily with some Indigo scripting but it was just firing into the blind. What this app does is allow me to assign an "On" command (start Plex server), and "Off" command (stop Plex server) and a "Polling" option to see if Plex server is running or not and dynamically turn my "device" on or off as a result.

More information and documentation with screenshots can be found via this link


Please read the instructions at this link