Enphase Solar Envoy-S Plugin  (Application)

Contributed by: Glenn Hawken


Enphase Envoy-S Plugin (including per Panel Individual Data/Monitoring)


Emphase is a per panel solar generation solution - via the use of roof based microinverters. This plugin monitors each panels output, and reports all useful data from the solar Enphase system via the Envoy-S. See & For a international map of their thousands of installs see. (last count I see 540,000 installations.... :P ) (gotta be some Indigo users out there ???)

This Plugin connects the the local Enphase [Envoy-Sdevice and pulls all information; including individual panel output (regardless of whether you have that option with your install)

It connects locally to the envoy device - and does not use the enlighten / web-service API. The local connection provides much more information, is more UpToDate and can be pulled every few minutes without problem. Having compared the two over some time there is no comparison to this minute-minute data.


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Unzip Double Click and install