IWS Variable Plugin  (IndigoWebServer Plug-In)

Contributed by: Anonymous


This plugin will allow you to edit variables from a web page (in fact, you can do it without the page but since you can already do that it's redundant). When the edit form is saved, the variable is updated and you're redirected to the control page specified. If you cancel the edit form, you're just redirected to the control page. Another use for this is to have some other process/application/webservice/etc make changes to variables directly: introduces an entirely new integration point. NOTE: requires 3.0.6 or greater, but this functionality is built-in to v4.0.


To install this plugin drag the "variable" folder to the following location:
/Library/Application Support/Perceptive Automation/Indigo 2/IndigoWebServer/plugins/


To use this plugin from a browser, try the url:

http://yourhost:yourport/variable/setVariable?name=your+variable+name&page=you r+page+name

You supply the name of the variable and the control page to forward to.

To use this plugin from within the control page editor:

  1. In Indigo, open the control page that contains the object you want to click on
  2. select the object
  3. on the "Click Action:" popup at the bottom select "Link to External URL"
  4. in the text box next to the popup, type in the path part of the URL above (you don't need the http://yourhost:yourport/ part). Don't forget to replace spaces in the Control Page names with the plus sign (+). If your control page name has any other special characters in it (:/\&? for example) you'll need to URL encode it before you type it into the box. So, if you had a control page named "Control:page/with?strange&characters@in#it" the URL encoded version would be "Control%3Apage%2Fwith%3Fstrange%26characters%40in%23it". You can go to this handy site to URL encode a string: The URLEncode and URLDecode Page
  5. try it!