iTunes  (Script)

Contributed by: Anonymous


The iTunes attachment script defines several AppleScript functions for controlling iTunes from Indigo. These functions can be called from Indigo Execute AppleScript Actions or from within any AppleScript _tell app "IndigoServer"_ block. The script also listens for X10 A/V commands (stop, play, vol+, vol-, etc.) from the MR26 or W800RF32 and passes on the commands to iTunes. This functionality requires an X10 "Entertainment Anywhere" remote control, like the UR81, and a MR26 or W800RF32 RF receiver interface.


Installed by Indigo into:

_/Library/Application Support/Perceptive Automation/Indigo


Where # is the version number (Indigo v2 and v3 are both in Indigo 2).

iTunes attachment.scpt_