Trigger an action when a paticular wireless devices associates to an airpor  (Script)

Contributed by: chrisla23


I do this to detect my blackberry and my wife's iphone by watching for them to login to our airport routers. It's a hacked up version of someone else's script that I found online. Some caveats: \- The airport extreme seems to not like being polled so often, I have to reboot it once a day (I have a controllable PDU in my rack) to keep it happy. SNMP stops responding, it otherwise is fine. The airport express does not seem to have this problem, I complained to apple. \- The iphone will disable the wireless if not plugged in and the screen lock kicks in \- You would need to work out the SNMP OIDs for the MACs of your devices with snmpwalk. \- You need to do the snmpwalk before the snmpget's or it has stale info (I'd love to know why?) \- The time appears to be an epoch in hundredths of a second since boot. \- I use this to turn on our outside lights at night when we arrive. It's sort of hit or miss whether the clients associate fast enough for this to be helpful. Credit to: \-- Daniel Chote ( \-- Date: December 1, 2007


Find the OIDs for your devices with SNMP walk, modify the script, create variables for the OIDs, create a trigger to start the script on Indigo startup.