Spoken Weather Forecast (ver 1.0.1)  (Script)

Contributed by: Richard Perlman


This script downloads and speaks a weather forecast from Weather.com through your computers speakers.
Note: This script expects the weather report to be in English. That is reasonable since the documentation and support pages for Indigo are in English and it is probably safe to assume that if you found this script you speak some English. BUT: If you would like to use a language other than English for your reports, this script can be tuned to other languages and alternative web sites. If you need help doing this, post your request to the Indigo "Indigo & Applescript" forum. Update 1.0.1 includes revised instructions for locations outside the US and Canada and corrects a minor error in the instructions on changing the number of periods reported.


If you are in the USA, create an Indigo internal variable named "weatherSpeakCode"

and set its value to your local zip code.

If you are outside the USA, you will need to determine the

Weather.com code for your location. To do this, go to Weather.com and

enter your location name and country in the search box and click "search."

Then, in the forecast page that you see next, look at the page URL. It

will contain information in the form: "city+country+code?" Use that code

(it appears between the last "+" and the "?") For example, for

Haugesund, Norway the URL is:



Install this script anywhere on your hard disk and call it in an AppleScript action.