Insteon Health Test Tool  (Application)

Contributed by: Richard Perlman


This application is based on the original Perl script from seanadams. This update packages that script as an OS X app called iHealth. All required Perl modules are included.

iHealth sends Insteon requests to the devices listed in a devices file and measures the response time. Results can help find problem devices or areas that have poor signal propagation.

* NOTE: iHealth works on OS 10.5 through 10.7, PowerPC and Intel. iHealth will also run on Tiger, but some problems have been observed. Specifically, the URL passed to Safari to view the report may wrong and the PLM interface may not be brought back online automatically. This release fixes a compatibility problem with Indigo 5.x. *


Uncompress the zip file and drag the app to the directory of your choice. NOTE: the tool only works with the PowerLinc 2412/2413 - the 2414 isn't supported due to protocol and architectural differences.


Double click on the app and select the options you wish in the GUI window.

iHealth automatically checks to see if Indigo is running, and if it is, the PLM interface is disconnected, and then re-connected after the tests are complete. The GUI provides options for the number of iterations, the location of the output files and the ability to select an existing device file or have the program create one for you.

If you choose to have iHHealth create the device file it will automatically filter out X10 devices and Insteon wireless devices. While iHealth is running, the incremental results of the test process are displayed in Safari and a terminal window tracks the number of iterations completed and the number of devices tested. It is not necessary to save the Safari window since the full report is also saved to disk.

Should iHealth find more than one interface you will be prompted to select the interface to use for testing.