Cynical Honey  

Developer: Perry the Cynic     Like this plugin? Show your appreciation!
Category: Security & Locks
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Plugin ID: org.cynic.indigo.honey
Latest release: v1.2.0 released on Dec. 22, 2016
Requires: Indigo v6.0.0 or higher
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This plugin allows Indigo to manage various types of Honeywell/Ademco Vista security systems. You can arm and disarm the system, read and control keypads, and examine the state of each zone. Even better, Cynical Honey can turn every one of your zones - door and window sensors, motion sensors, etc. - into an Indigo device that can in turn trigger events. A well designed security system can "see" the entire periphery of your house and much of the inside. Now Indigo can, too.

Release details
Released on: Dec. 22, 2016
Requires: Indigo v6.0.0+
Changes in this release

This is the first release to be in the Plugin Store.