Developer: Indigo Domotics
Category: A/V and IR Equipment
Assistance: Get help!    Check the online documentation
Plugin ID: com.perceptiveautomation.indigoplugin.itunes
  Included with the latest Indigo release

This plugin is the basic iTunes integration plugin. You may create as many “iTunes Server” devices as you have on your network (but only one per iTunes instance as defined by iTunes running on a Mac - you can't have multiple iTunes server devices that are pointing to the same iTunes instance). For each of those devices, you can trigger off of various state changes in the built-in Device State Changed trigger type and you can execute many different actions in the Actions tab. None of this requires scripting of any kind.

Indigo includes a device state image for use with iTunes which mimics the Play/Pause button in iTunes. If the iTunes play state is “playing”, the icon will show the pause symbol and vice versa. If it's “unavailable” it will be grayed out and if there's an error it will be reddish. To use just select iTunesStatus_large+, iTunesStatus_med+, or iTunesStatus_small+ in the control page editor and you'll get automatic play/pause switching icon. Works even better when you make the action a “Toggle Play/Pause” plugin action.