Pentair Pool  

Developer: Swancoat's Plugins
Category: Pool Controls
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Plugin ID: com.jeremyswancoat.indigoplugin.pentairpool
Latest release: v2.0.2 released on April 6, 2018
Requires: Indigo v5.0.0 or higher
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This is a pretty straightforward plugin which you use to connect to an Intellitouch Panel at the Plugin config level, and can then create devices for each 'circuit' (Pentair's terminology) connected to the pool. Pool and Spa devices include temperature as a state. Auxiliary circuits are pretty much on/off.

There are additional actions to turn all lights on/off or change mode of the Intellibrite lights (however, states are not reported).

The plugin will create a variable that reports the system's air temperature.

Note that this plugin does not connect to ScreenLogic or any of Pentair's IP solutions (for which I have not yet found any kind of public API). This will require the Pentair iLink adapter to function.

Release details
Released on: April 6, 2018
Requires: Indigo v5.0.0+
Changes in this release

Bug fixes to address EasyTouch 8 model.

Release details
Released on: April 2, 2018
Requires: Indigo v5.0.0+
Changes in this release

Bug Fixes

Release details
Released on: March 3, 2018
Requires: Indigo v5.0.0+
Changes in this release

Notable Changes: -Auxiliary circuits: These are basically unchanged. Things that were initially set up as a simple on/off (like a light, or waterfall feature) are still set up that way.

-Pool and Spa: These are now set up as simple auxiliary circuits and will no longer carry the temperature data.

-Pool and Spa Heat: These are new devices. For a Pool or Spa that is heated, you can set up a 'Heater' device. This device will appear in Indigo as a thermostat. These show the temperature of the pool/spa, if it is set to heat or not, what the heat set point is and if it is actively heating. (Heater operation status requires the Autelis interface). Control of the heater mode and set points is carried out through the standard thermostat interface and so the old 'Adjust Set Point' action has been removed. Note, that due to the way that the systems report temperature, both systems will report both temps. Hopefully in a future update I'll try to only update temps for whatever is running.

-Intellitouch Panel: There is a new device type called 'System' that represents the Intellitouch Panel and will report many 'general' pool states. This reports the salt level (yay!), the air temperature, the chlorination rate of the salt cell for pool and spa, any chlorinator errors, status of the various sensors and a few other things. Almost all of this information is only updated on Autelis systems.

-Temperature Adjusted Salt Level: Although the salt level is available with the Autelis interface, there's still an issue with the salt levels Pentair measures in the first place in that the measurement is sensitive to temperature. It's always annoyed me that this seems to be a 'known' quirk, but even with temperature data available, no correction is made. To that end, I've added an additional state to the Intellitouch Panel which is the Temperature Adjusted Salt Level which uses a very basic linear correction in order to reduce some of the fluctuations in reported level. Any feedback on how well this is (or isn't) working is appreciated.

-Air Temperature: The previous version of the plugin reported the system's air temperature to a variable. As air temperature is now a state of the 'System' device, the variable will no longer be updated.

-Chlorination Rate: There is now an action available to set the salt cell chlorination rate for both pool and spa (Autelis only).

-Super-Chlor: There is now an action available to set the chlorinator to 'Super-Chlorinate' (Autelis only). Hours of super-chlorination remaining is available on the 'System' device.

-I've tried to make the plugin a bit more robust for minor network/serial port interruptions.

If you're upgrading from the older version: -Auxillary Circuits: You don't need to do anything. -Pool/Spa Devices. You will need to delete the current devices, and add a new 'Circuit' for Pool and for Spa, and a 'Heater' for Pool and Spa. You cannot add the circuit devices while the current Pool and Spa devices exist (but you can add the heaters at any time). -Add the 'system' devices.

Release details
Released on: Nov. 27, 2017
Requires: Indigo v5.0.0+
Changes in this release

Added ability to suppress temperature logging in the log.


Requires Pentair iLink serial port adapter.